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NS construction install a wide range of roofing and cladding options including Kingspan, Double skin, Fixed, Secret Fixed, Zipped standing seam and Rain screen.


NS Construction Limited is at the forefront of hangar door cladding. Our UK based company has unrivalled expertise in the installation of cladding aircraft hangar doors and we can offer the installation and management of a project. The most recent of a number of door installations have included the refurbishment-upgrade of hangars located on RAF premises.

All accomplishments to date include:

  • RAF Benson 3 phases - 2012 - 2014-Comprosed of 48 Hanger doors removed and new installed built up with a new cladding system.
  • Birmingham Monarch Hangar - 2013 - Comprised of horizontal Kingspan cladding.
  • Light maintenance Hangar Qatar - 2012 - Comprised of horizontal Kingspan cladding.
  • Isle of Man Hangar - 2012 - Private jet hangar, cladded with a horizontally laid steel composite panel cladding system.
  • Enniskillen Hangar - 2012 - Comprised of horizontal Kingspan cladding.
  • Other worldwide landmarks cladded by ourselves include the sheer indulgence of Meydan Racecourse Dubai and the iconic Titanic film studios Northern Ireland.